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Land Purchase Survey

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  2. The Town of Hillsboro Beach is considering buying two parcels of land (1205 and 1206 Hillsboro Mile) to ensure the Town has permanent access for construction teams and equipment for future beach re-nourishment projects. This access is critical to ensure our beach has the sand it needs for now and for future generations.
  3. Currently, the Town does not own any land with beach access and is challenged every few years to find suitable land for heavy construction equipment to place sand on the beach.
  4. These two parcels under consideration for purchase are ideally located near where the sand is needed most. They are also located next to and across the street from the Town Hall complex.
  5. 1205 Hillsboro Mile - TODAY
  6. 1206 Hillsboro Mile - TODAY
  7. 1205 Hillsboro Mile - IN THE FUTURE
    1205 Hillsboro Mile
  8. 1206 Hillsboro Mile - IN THE FUTURE
    1206  Hillsboro Mile
  9. 1206 Hillsboro Mile - IN THE FUTURE
    1206 Hillsboro Mile
  10. The cost to the average condo owner would be about $450.00 per year for 30 years and the average single family home owner would pay about $1800 annually. To finance the purchase, the Town is considering issuing a bond for $16.6 million that would allow for the purchase and necessary landscape and improvements.
  11. The purchased lots will always be used for the stated purpose of beach nourishment projects. They will not become a park or an access path for the public to enter our beaches. When not in use for construction staging or equipment egress and ingress, the lots will be landscaped as passive green spaces.
  12. whatyouthink
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  15. This survey is being conducted by the office of the Town Manager. The results will be shared directly with the Town of Hillsboro Beach Commission.
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