Mayor Irene Kirdahy

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    Irene Kirdahy


    Irene was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering & Business Administration and did graduate  work at New York University. 

    Irene has served on multiple law enforcement boards and associations, including the Joint Terrorism Task Force (ITTF) and State and Local Law Enforcement specialized agencies. Notably, she was appointed as Corporate Liaison for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Her community service work also includes performing as an officer during her ten years with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and serving as President of her condo association in Hillsboro Beach for the past decade.

    Vice Mayor Kirdahy was elected to her second term in March 2018. Appointed by her peers, she has served as Vice Mayor during both terms. In fulfilling her campaign promises, she has focused on updating the Town’s infrastructure and finding solutions to the flooding in the southern portion of Town. Vice Mayor Kirdahy serves as an advocate for the Town of Hillsboro Beach on the Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Board and is an alternate representative for Hillsboro Beach with the Broward County League of Cities. She also works closely with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) on behalf Hillsboro Beach taxpayers. 

    The Town recently completed a much-needed Water Main Replacement Project, and began a County-sponsored Wastewater (Sewer) Improvement Project in September 2018. The Vice Mayor has played a pivotal role in both projects. She is anticipating the FDOT-funded A1A redesign, which will address flooding issues, provide a sidewalk in the north mile of Town, and establish marked bike lanes that, per the Hillsboro Beach Police Chief, cyclists will be expected to stay within. 

    Having owned property in Hillsboro Beach since 1998, Irene and her husband, Charlie, became full-time residents in 2006, following her retirement as Senior Vice President of Facilities for a corporate office complex in New York. Since retiring, she has pursued her avocation as an animal lover and dog behaviorist & trainer by volunteering with Tri County Humane Society for the past 12 years. Today, her professional focus is the Town of Hillsboro Beach and its residents.