Dogs on the Beach

Given today’s dog-friendly trend for society in general, having dogs on the beach is a continual topic of discussion. Currently, dogs are restricted to the private portion of the beach based on the policies of each building/property owner. The private portion of the beach is defined as upland of the Mean High  Water Line/Erosion Control Line. This can  be confusing  because neighboring properties have different restrictions; therefore, dogs have  a right to be on some parts of the beach, but are restricted on others. The Town encourages  a spirit of community and  hopes  residents  will  be considerate of one another. In the event of an actual problem, the Police Department should be notified.

Ellemae Spradlin

Nearest Dog Park

1101 N. Federal Highway
Pompano Beach FL, 33062

Open every day from
Sunrise - Sunset *

For more information, dial 954.786.4574. 

* The Dog Park is closed on Tuesdays  for routine maintenance.