2022 Municipal Election                                

The Town of Hillsboro Beach welcomes you as a candidate for the 2022 Municipal Elections to be held Tuesday, March 8 2022, 7a.m-7p.m at Town Hall, Community Room.  Town of Hillsboro Beach qualified voters will elect two  (2) Commission Seats.  These seats are currently held by Irene Kirdahy and Jane Reiser.  The two-year terms will expire March 2024.


The Town of Hillsboro Beach is governed by Town Commissioners consisting of five (5) members. All five (5) Commissioners are elected by qualified electors, at-large.  Town Elections are nonpartisan; i.e. candidates do not run as members of a particular political party, and their individual party affiliations are not relevant to their positions in Town Government. Elected officials serve for terms of two (2) years and until their respective successors are elected and sworn in.


The Town of Hillsboro Beach Commissioners determine policies, enact legislation and provide leadership in the community. Commission Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in the Town Hall Commission Chambers, located 1210 Hillsboro Mile; Hillsboro Beach, Florida 33062.  Additional, Special Called Meetings may be held throughout each year. 



As Town Clerk for Hillsboro Beach, I am the “Qualifying Officer” for the Town, and will serve as your Election Clerk.  I will be the person to receive your Certificate of Qualification, Qualifying Fees and Campaign Financial Reports.  The Town of Hillsboro Beach contracts with Broward County Supervisor of Elections to conduct our municipal elections.  You can contact their office for additional election information  www.browardvotes.gov


Candidate Qualifying will be held at Hillsboro Beach Town Hall beginning from 

noon, Monday,  January 3, 2022 until noon, Monday January 10, 2022. 

The Clerk’s Office operating hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



Pursuant to Section 99.093 F.S, the State of Florida charges one percent (1%) of the Commissioners Salary, which is collected through the City.   


The annual salary of a Town Commission Member is $5,400.00 – paid on a monthly basis.  

Thus, the Qualifying Fee to run for Hillsboro Beach Town Commission is $54.00                                                                                                            


 Pursuant to the Town Charter, Qualifications to Hold Public Office in Town of Hillsboro Beach


 Must be a bona fide resident of Town of Hillsboro Beach                   

 Must be a citizen of the State of Florida and the United States of America

 Must be at least 21 years old

 Must file Certificate of Qualification and pay Qualifying Fee

Documents to complete & return to Town Clerk by 12 noon on Mon Jan 10, 2022:


 Certificate of Qualification 

 Form DS-DE 9 Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository

 This form must be filed with the Town Clerk prior to opening your Campaign Account

 Form DS-DE 84 Statement of Candidate 

 Form DS-DE 25 Candidate Oath

 Form 1 Statement of Financial Interest 2020

 Notice of Logic & Accuracy Test and Acknowledgement

 Qualifying Fee of $54.00 (to be paid by check drawn on Campaign Account)


Campaign Treasurer’s Report with Itemized Contributions and Itemized Expenditure forms or Waiver of Report must be completed and filed with the Election Clerk by 4:00 p.m. on the following dates: 


Report Covering  2/1/2022 thru 2/4/2022 -   due   02/11/2022      Report G1   

 Report Covering  2/5/2022 thru  2/18/2022-    due   02/25/2022      Report G2  

 Report Covering  2/19/2022 thru  3/3/2022 -    due   03/04/2022      Report G3       

 Termination Reports – To be completed and filed with the Elections (Town) Clerk

 If UNOPPOSED after qualifying 01/08/2022 – 4/8/2022   due 04/10/2022       Report TR         

After General Election, Opposed 03/04/2022 – 6/8/2022   due 06/06/2022       Report TR   

Town Commission Reorganization Meeting: 

The Town Commission will meet, reorganize and elect a Mayor and Vice Mayor seven (7) days after the Municipal Election.  The Reorganization Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. at Hillsboro Beach Town Hall, Commission Chambers, located at 1210 Hillsboro Mile, Hillsboro Beach, Florida 33062.


Please contact the Clerk’s Office, if I can be of service.   I can be reached immediately at SHenderson@TownofHillsboroBeach.com