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Planning & Zoning Department

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for providing professional assistance and expertise to elected officials, Town management and citizens in the areas of planning, zoning, land use management, and strategic decision making. The Department is charged with the oversight of all inquiries pertaining to the Town’s adopted land use and zoning provisions, including but not limited to, property plat and zoning information, variance requests, site plan reviews and  development regulations.

The review responsibility for this division is regulated by Florida Statutes Chapters 162, 163 and 380 and Florida Administrative Code Section 9-J5 and 9-J11. These regulations control the development and implementation of our Master Plan, including Development Regulations and other issues relating to the overall planning and land use function.

With a collaborative effort amongst Building and Code Compliance Departments, Planning & Zoning strive to ensure buildings or structures are safe and enforce the Town’s Comprehensive Plan to achieve Hillsboro Beach’s future Vision of our community.

Joe Arenal, Urban Design Planner II with Redevelopment Management Associates (RMA)  is part of a team committed to enhancing the physical qualities of a place and highlighting the cultural and historical values that definite it. 

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    Phone: 954-695-0754
    Emergency: 954-821-5759