Broward County Property Tax Exemption

Broward County Property Tax Exemption ( 1 Files )

Broward County Property Tax Exemption Filing Dates:

Broward County Water Partnership

Broward County Water Partnership ( 3 Files )

Rebate Steps:

1.)    Those interested fill out application (either online or via US mail)

2.)    Once we have received the application, we respond with: a) Request for additional information; b) Denial; or, c) Approval - This gives them all of the information about how to receive a rebate.

3.)    Applicant purchases and installs toilet(s).

4.)    Applicant sends us the required documents described in the approval.

5.)    We send the applicant a check in the mail, provided that they purchased the correct toilet and that they provide us with all of the required documentation.

Building Department

Building Department ( 5 Files )

  • The Building Department ensures that all new buildings and renovations meet applicable Building Codes as well as local Ordinances. Plans are checked by experts in different fields before any Building Permit is issued.   
  • Questions about the Building Department may be directed to the Sara Jane Walsh at (954) 427-4011